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About Us - Details on Manohra
A short description of our resort & businness

About Us
A short description of our businness.


Born from the ruins of Boomerang Village Bungalow, Manohra Cozy Village now reach the maximum expression of potential about its location in Kata.
The village boasts, by the previous management, more than ten years of activity; During this period different types of guests have been accomodated, and all have been enthusiast about a stay focused on nature, peace and comfort.
The current management, get started in the summer of 2010, wanted to emphasize the qualities already owned by the property, with a global restructuring that has involved many scopes, completely revolutionizing look and global standing of the resort. The village's small size, well matches the management policy, focused on customer care with particular regard to the needs of each guest.


"The Legend Of Manohra"
Some informations about this Thailand's legend.

The Legend of Manohra, has its origin in southern Thailand and tells the story of a beautifull goddess, who, once took off angel wings and tail for swimming, with sisters in the Anodat lake have
been captured by a young man who gives her,
as a gift, to Prince Suthon, to get his good graces.
Suthon fell in love with her, but soon had to leave for the war. During his absence, a sorcerer, conspiring the downfall of the royal family, convinced the king that Manohra was misfortune maker , and that should have been sacrificed.
Mahnora, once she have understood what was happening astutely regained her wings and flied away to hide herself far away from royal palace. Suthon, returned from the war and learned about
the incident, managed, after many vicissitudes,
in finding his beloved; After all, her father, wanted to test Suthon's love forcing him to recognize Manohra among its 6 twin sisters.
The prince managed in choosing thanks to the intervention of another deity that told him who his beloved was; He finally succeded to marry Manhora.